Employers - Business Relations

 Our goal is to provide area employers with "work ready" individuals.  JFL graduates have been taught the value of work and how to be excellent employees.  We teach time-tested character traits which serve as a foundation for success in the workplace and in life.

Your participation is key to the success of Jobs for Life.  We value your partnership and look forward to working with local businesses and providing you with the kind of employees that can help make your business prosper.

The Business Relations Leader will serve as the “ambassador” for our local JfL training site.  Our mission is to meet with business leaders and hiring authorities in our area to share the JfL training course, how it benefits the business community and how they can become involved.  As he meets with employers and community resource providers he will explain how JfL training equips a workforce that is talented, skilled and dependable.  This role is to continually build a bridge between JfL and area employers and community resources that will cultivate into long term JfL business partnerships and employment resources to JfL graduates.

For more information about how your company can be involved in Jobs for Life,
please contact  Craig Platter - cfplatter@juno.com