Your interest in Jobs for Life could well be the beginning of a new and rewarding experience in your life.  If you become a JFL student and faithfully apply yourself to the principles that are being taught you will be preparing yourself to be the kind of employee that employers are looking for.

We all know how difficult it can be to find a good job today.  Local employers who participate in Jobs for Life know that our graduates have learned important character traits that will make them valuable employees.  

Students will  develop skills and character that will lead to success in finding and keeping a job.

JFL Students address their core heart issues and roadblocks to achievement while developing a solid character based on biblical principles.

Students will learn:
-  My value as an employee
-  Understanding my life journey
-  Overcoming roadblocks to success
-  Take responsibility for my actions
-  Perseverance and positive attitude
-  Succeeding through adversity
-  Conflict resolution
-  Excelling on the job
-  Effective communication skills
-  Job Search Techniques
-  Building a resume and developing a vocational plan
-  Managing employer expectations

In addition to the training, every JfL student has a champion - a mentor or a group of mentors – who provides the student friendship and support both during and after the training. With this training and support system, churches and organizations provide a reliable, trustworthy workforce to meet the pressing employment needs of companies in their area.

Click here to download a student application or go to Download Documents to view or download.  If interested, please fill out the application by typing  directly into the downloaded online application, save it to your computer then email to Cyndi at the address below.

If you have any student related questions, please contact
 Cyndi Mardino -