The Need

Today over 40 million people live in poverty.  There are many reasons why people are in poverty, but the main reason is that they are not working! (Joint Center of Poverty Research)

67% of ex-offenders commit another crime and go back to prison within three years of their release.  An unemployed ex-offender is 3-5 times more likely to go back to prison than an employed ex-offender. (Bureau of Justice)

$10.9 billion/year is spent on homelessness programs in the U.S.

Without work, poverty increases, crime increases, recidivism increases, homelessness increases, depression increases, domestic violence increases, divorce increases, and suicide increases.  Nothing can attack one’s dignity, value, and purpose like a lack of work. 

That’s why ministry leaders and church members in hundreds of churches and community organizations are leading JfL classes teaching unemployed and underemployed adults God’s design for work and the ways they can experience life. 

JFL makes it easy for a church or ministry to provide a powerful solution to poverty, unemployment, and underemployment in their communities.

Business Relations 

The Business Relations Leader is responsible for introducing, educating and recruiting area businesses and community service resources to the benefits of hiring Jobs for Life graduates.  He will serve as the “ambassador” for our local JfL training site.  Our mission is to meet with business leaders and hiring authorities in our area to share the JfL training course, how it benefits the business community and how they can become involved.  As he meets with employers and community resource providers he will explain how JfL training equips a workforce that is talented, skilled and dependable.  This role is to continually build a bridge between JfL and area employers and community resources that will cultivate into long term JfL business partnerships and employment resources to JfL graduates.

For more information about how your company can be involved in Jobs for Life, 
please contact  Craig Platter - cfplatter@juno.com

Prayer Team

As a JFL prayer team member you will receive updates from us to guide you as you lift up Jobs for Life in prayer.  Through prayer, we acknowledge that we need God to work in people's lives so that they might experience true change.  Prayer is the key to success as you go further and deeper into the issues of students' lives.  

If you would like to join the prayer team,
please contact John and Alicia Rich -  fairacreflowers@gmail.com

Champions (Mentors)

A Champion is a person who models a Christian lifestyle and the principals of Jesus Christ.  Each Jobs for Life participant is paired with a Champion to walk alongside with them through the duration of the class and beyond.  A JFL Champion's role is twofold.  First, the most important action a Champion can do is to model the life principles that are being taught in the JFL program.  In addition, the Champion provides ongoing support and encouragement to help each student succeed in their quest to find and maintain meaningful employment and to better their lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Champion program,
please contact Champions(Mentors) - info@hands4hopeorleans.com

Course Instructors

Being a JFL course instructor is a rewarding experience.  Instructors must be individuals with a heart for God's Word and a desire to help those in need.  Instructors must be effective communicators who possess interpersonal skills that actively engage class participants in a manner that helps them transition the JFL training from "theory" to real life application.

The JFL curriculum is an interactive driven training and the Instructor's Guide provides instructors with the information needed to prepare and deliver each lesson.

If you think that you would like to be one of our instructors,
please contact Timothy Lindsay - tlindsay5@verizon.net